Get Ready For Your Class

Thank you for registering for a Shopify Immersion class! Here are a few things you can do before your scheduled class to get your computer and brain ready.

1) The more I know...

If you have not yet completed your class on-boarding form you can do it now. The more I know about you the better these classes will be.

Zero to Hero

Sleep Better With Clean Data

Geek Out On Themes

1 on 1 Q & A

2) Prepare to Zoom

Immersion classes are held via Zoom video conferencing. This allows us to see each other, interact, share screens, and more. Your confirmation calendar details will include a link to your Zoom meeting (e.g.

Watch the video below to learn more about joining a Zoom meeting. You can also click here to read more on Zoom's website. Be sure to your audio and video are working properly before the class begins.

3) Don't Forget!

Be sure the class date and time are in your calendar. If you are unsure of your registered time head on over to your account and confirm. See you soon!

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